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Long Term Care Overview

Long term care is the type of care that you may need if you can no longer perform activities of daily living by yourself, such as eating, bathing or getting dressed. It also includes the kind of care you would need if you had a severe cognitive impairment like Alzheimer's disease. Care can be received in a variety of settings, including your own home, assisted living facilities, adult day care centers or hospice facilities.

Long term care can be covered completely or in part by long term care insurance. Most plans let you choose the amount of the coverage you want, as well as how and where you want to use your benefits. A comprehensive plan includes benefits for all levels of care, custodial to skilled.

Long term care is not the type of care that you receive in the hospital or your doctor's office. It isn't the medical care you need to get well from a sickness or an injury. It isn't short-term rehabilitation from an accident or recuperation from surgery.

Long term care is not always administered in a nursing home. In fact, more than 80% of all people receiving long term care assistance are not in nursing homes.

Now is the time to get more long term care information and develop a plan to fit your needs. We encourage you to gather information, find out about your options, and make a decision that best suits your goals and budget.

This site is designed to help you understand what long term care is and give you more information about LTC insurance plans and other long term care issues.

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